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Madison, the Guest of Honor at the 3rd Meeting of Freiburg's Partner Cities


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Freiburg's partnership with the city of Madison, Wisconsin, an official delegation headed by Mayor Dave Cieslewicz visited Freiburg from Monday June 9 to Sunday June 15. During the same period the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft (FMG) received old friends as private guests who came to Freiburg as members of our Sister City Committee in Madison. For their stay the FMG organized a program in which both parties (official and private) participated time permitting.


The following photo gallery is composed out of photos the author of this website shot himself and is enriched with pictures taken by Thomas Kaminski marked ©TK.



In spite of a full day of official activities Mayor Dave Cieslewicz came to open Brent Nicastro's photo exhibition at the Schwarzwald City on the evening of June 11



Following official greetings by Freiburg's City Councilor
Ursula Kuri the Mayor took the phone and declared the exhibition open ©TK



On the occasion of the photo exhibition from the right:
City Councilor Sebastian Müller, two official guests from Madison, the President and Vice-President of the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft and Mrs. Kuri pose with Mayor Dave

Right: American Week (11 to 15 June) at Toni's




Opening of the Quilt Exhibition at the Carl-Schurz-Haus (4 to 30 June)



Full house at the opening of the Quilt Exhibition©TK

Experts discussing the beautiful exhibits ©TK



Welcome Party and Barbecue at the City Hall garden (evening 11 June)




Dianne, Janet and Toni in high spirits ...

Frauke, Freddi (a rare guest) and John too


Above: The official table



  Left:Tom is serving himself at the rich buffet



The Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft Dinner at the Greiffeneggschlössle (12 June)



Celebrating the 20th anniversary: two Mayors and their wives: Former Lord Mayor Dr. Rolf Böhme who started it all and Mayor Dave Cieslewicz who came to Freiburg to
strengthen the ties between Madison and Freiburg


Left: Mayor Dave and his charming wife Dianne at the terrace of the Greiffeneggschlössle ©TK



Waiting for dinner ©TK

Looking from the Greiffeneggschlössle to the Bromberg. In the distance the Wasserschlössle sticks out from the woods



The Historic Tour of the City started at the Bertold Schwarz Fountain (13 June)



John, Barbara, Mike, Tom, 
N.N. and Al are ready for the tour

No, Bertoldus Niger
didn't invent black gun powder ©TK



Serving the Madison Booth



Mike on duty with students
Gen und Julia waving the stars and stripes

Smiling Bruni together with Tom
handing out  information material 



Illustrious visitors Dr. Rolf Böhme and Walter Kolb
consulting books about Madison: Yes, I remember it well



Left: Collection of bumper stickers. Not yet so popular in Germany



The Opening Ceremony for the Sisters City Meeting at the Rathausplatz  
Followed by an Official Visit of the Booths (13 June)



The two mayors talk ...

while people are waiting for the official visit
of the booths to begin ©TK


Suddenly Dave and Dieter accelerate their feet ...

but had to stop short for this symbolic photo ©TK


The mayors arrive at the Madison booth
with Toni shaking hands with Mayor Dave ...

while I take a photo of our distinguished guests


The American Consul General Jo Ellen Powell well protected

High life and good humor at the Madison booth ©TK


Professor Eva Manske explaining the activities of
Freiburg's Carl-Schurz-Haus

Family photo: Frauke, Beth, Junior in front of Senior, Eva and Toni ©TK



Official Reception with Lord Mayor Dr. Salomon, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz
and Consul General Jo Ellen Powell at the Gerichtslaube
to Celebrate the 20 Years Partnership's Anniversary Madison - Freiburg



Watching the official ceremony together with representatives from other cities that were founded more than 900 years ago by the Dukes of Zähringen

Right: Mayor Salomon receives Madison's gift a glass plate commemorating 20 years of partnership between the cities of Madison and Freiburg.




Swing and Jazz with Beth Tyron and Ted Petith (13 June)





Bicycle Tour in the Black Forest: Around the Schluchsee (14 June)



Toni had everything well organized even the weather.
After but only a little shower we were ready to start

We arrive at full speed
just in time for a zünftige Brotzeit 



Mayor Dave, Dianne and the rest of the crowd appreciate the Schwarzwald specialities



For now we must say Good bye but above all: Auf Wiedersehen!




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