Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft e.V.


Looking back into 2018


Our Program in 2019




January 23



  Annual General Assembly of the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft


at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8 p.m.







February 6



German-American Stammtisch

Dr. Manfred Höfert


Fake News


Diesseits und jenseits des Atlantiks



at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8 p.m.










March 6

Ash Wednesday



German-American Stammtisch





Madison Stories, a Film


at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8 p.m.




April 3



German-American Stammtisch


AYF Resident Director Prof. Kerstin Barndt


Das Humboldtforum Berlin und die Provenienzforschung


Das Berliner Stadtschloss im Bau (©dpa)

at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8 p.m. 





May 1



Traditional FMG Hiking Tour on German Labour Day
with the American Students


Meeting point 1: At 10:20 a.m. at Bertoldsbrunnen. Departure streetcar line 2 at 10:27 to Günterstal; stop Dorfstraße 10:46. Change at 10:59 into bus 21 direction Horben.

Meeting point 2 for our hike is the bus terminus Horben–Rathaus at 11:15 a.m.




Around noon we shall have lunch at the Berglusthaus. Students are invited. Around 4 p.m. we shall walk back to Horben or Bollschwiel to catch the bus.




June 5



German-American Stammtisch



at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8 p.m. 




June 24





Herbert Schiffels and AYF students


AYF in Concert


at the Haus zur Lieben Hand










July 6



 Independence Day Party


©History Channel

at the Ganter Biergarten


togther with the Carl-Schurz-Haus (CSH), the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft (FMG),
the Academic Year in Freiburg (AYF) featuring the Black Forest Badgers







September 11



Guided tour in English for the students of the
Academic Year in Freiburg (AYF). Guests are welcome.


Historic Places in Freiburg


AYF students at the guided tour 2018


Meeting place at the Bertold-Schwarz-Brunnen on Rathausplatz at 10 a.m.








September 16



Reception for the Students of the
Academic Year (AYF) in Freiburg 2019/2020


Happy students at the 2018 reception

at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 6 p.m.





Oktober 3



Hiking Tour with our American Students
around the Schönberg on German Unity Day


The Hikers of 2018






 November 6



German-American Stammtisch


Herbert Schiffels


Kulturpolitik in Freiburg und Madison


at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8 p.m.











December 4


FMG Christmas Dinner


The 2018 Black Forest Badgers singing Weihnachtslieder and Christmas carols ©GvS

at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 7 p.m.





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