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Sunny Freiburg


Freiburg is one of the most attractive cities in Germany. Its size just a little over 220,000 inhabitants is big enough to offer a rich cultural life and still small enough so that most places can easily be reached on foot or by bicycle, Freiburg's favourite mean of transport. Longer distances are rapidly covered by an excellent and still growing public transport system of streetcars and buses.



Freiburg is the sunniest town in Germany a heaven for retired persons craving for a warm climate as well as for young people appreciating the outdoor life that from March through late October fills the sun shaded seats of restaurants, street cafes and beer gardens in the city and its surroundings. The sunny hours per year taken as a mean during the years 1961 to 1990 are 1740 compared to Munich's 1700, Berlin's 1675, and Hamburg's mere 1560. The nearby Black Forest is an attractive hiking area and historic places like Breisach, Staufen or St. Peter are in easy reach by car. You may visit Switzerland (Basle) and France (Colmar). Both are just one hour away.


The Cathedral (Münster) as seen from the Greiffeneggschlössle


Young people are also attracted by Freiburg's University that in fall 2004 was ranked second among all German universities.


The official web site of the city of Freiburg gives more details about community, commercial and tourist activities. On this site the city also informs about its many sister cities, among them you find Madison, Wisconsin.


There are many contacts between Freiburg and Madison in particular between the citizens of the two cities. At the following  addresses you find picture galleries of mutual visits:


Citizen trip to Madison 2004

A Freiburg Fair in Madison 2005

20th Anniversary of the partnership between the two cities in Freiburg 2008

Trip of members of the FMG to Madison 2009 with visits of Chicago and Washington

25th Anniversary of the partnership between the two cities in Freiburg 2013

25th Anniversary of the partnership between the two cities in Madison 2013



Freiburg's Beauties and Fascinating History


Freiburg is so attractive that various web sites offer additional information including beautiful picture galleries. You may like to visit a Picture Gallery. There is even a special web site telling about Freiburg's rich history.


How to reach Freiburg


Both from the North and the South Freiburg is easy to reach by car following the motorway A5 connecting Basle to Frankfurt.


All trains from Northern Germany to Basle and vice versa will stop at Freiburg.


Freiburg has no international airport so the place to land is Frankfurt. Every hour a fast Intercity Express (ICE) running North-South stops at Frankfort's airport station and will take the traveler in a smooth 2 hour train ride to Freiburg.


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