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Reception at the Historisches Kaufhaus
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Madison-Freiburg Partnership


The Stars and Stripes, Europe's flag and Black-Red-Gold at the Historisches Kaufhaus greet our guests from the States for the reception at 6 p. m. on June 6, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the partnership between Madison and Freiburg (©US).


At the end of the reception Mayor Paul Soglin signs Freiburg's Golden Book with Lord Mayor Dr. Dieter Salomon watching (©Badische Zeitung).



Visit of the Carl-Schurz-Haus


In the morning, Mayor Paul Soglin and his Chief of Staff Sally Miley had already visited Freiburg's Carl-Schurz-Haus. They met students and were informed about thi institution's educational tasks and qualities(©US).



The Partnership Market


Three jubilees to celebrate at the 7th Partnership Market: 50 years sister city Innsbruck (Austria),
25 years of partnership between Madison, Wisconsin, and Matsuyama (Japan).
At the Neues Rathaus (new townhall) around 8 a. m. on June 7, the flags of Freiburg, Innsbruck, Madison,
and Matsuyama are waiting for the market visitors to appear later in the morning.


 Paul Soglin and his wife Sara, not only in love with Freiburg, are waiting for the market's opening.

Mayor Salomon arrives, calling for duty. However there
 is still time for a photo and a ceremony.


Mercedes (Sadie) Voet and Joe Oswald, students and recipients of the Freiburg Madison Scholarship 2013, are introduced to Mayors Salomon and Soglin. On this occasion, the Academic Year in Freiburg had prepared
two AYF polo shirts as gifts.



Joint Opening of the 7th International Market of the Sister Cities


Joint opening of the 7th International Partnership Market:
Mayor Salomon on stage introduced Mayor Soglin and Innsbruck's Deputy Mayor Kaufmann  as guests of honor.


The Madison booth is well decorated and looked after.


The output of the popcorn machine the Carl-Schurz-Haus kindly provided was much appreciated
not only by the kids.


Visiting the booth: Mayor Soglin, Freiburg's Deputy Mayor Ulrich von Kirchbach, and
FMG President Toni Schlegel tested the quality of American popcorn.


Meeting at the Market: Sally Miley and Dieter Salomon discuss serious matters in a camera crossfire.


Some familiar faces.


Peter meets Paul or an Anglo-American small talk.
Peter Slate, the primary rock of Freiburg's English partner city Guildford has a friendly word with Paul Soglin.


American student power. They are wearing FMG's corporate-designed polo shirts.



Music at the Palace



The MSO’s Rhapsodie Quartet Played at the Episcopal Palace in the Mozartsaal

on June 7, at 6 p. m.


F. J. Haydn: String quartet D-Major op. 76 Nr. 5
Ch. Ives: String quartet Nr. 1
F. Schubert: String quartett Nr. 14 d-minor „Der Tod und das Mädchen“


Suzanne Beia, Violin I
Laura Burns, Violin II
Christopher Dozoryst, Viola
Karl Lavine, Cello



Festive Dinner at the Greiffeneggschlössle

on June 7, at 8 p. m.


The newly formed Black Forest Badgers plus one play outside the Greiffeneggschlössle before dinner.
The four guitars in the evening sun are from left to right: the AYFs Dan Bartels, Justin Jardine, Kyle Dorsey,
and the FMG Georg von Savigny. The "one without" is Joe Oswald, holder of the Freiburg Scholarship,
who brought the American-German band together. He performs as the lead singer.


Sally Miley enjoys her dinner in the company of the Director of the Carl-Schurz-Haus Friederike Schulte
and Black Forest Badger Georg von Savigny.


Paul Soglin and his wife Sara sitt together with FMG's Vice-President Frauke Feix.


The Black Forest Badgers accompanied the dinner.


Some other illustrious guests.



Closing of the Market


Where they belong: The Black Forest Badgers on stage. Here is the AYF video.


Ulli Struve and his students swinging along on Route 66 (©GvS).





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