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The Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft is a nonprofit making organization that would like to see you as a member:


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The Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft (FMG) was founded in 1989, one year after the city partnership agreement was signed between Madison, Wisconsin, and Freiburg. 


Welcoming all who encourage and support exchanges between the two cities, the FMG wants to make it possible for the people of Madison and Freiburg to become well acquainted with each other. Getting acquainted should foster a better understanding of each other’s culture and strengthen relations between the two nations. Our counterpart, the Madison Freiburg Sister City Committee in Wisconsin, is guided by the same ideals. 


Promoting the exchange of high school and college students from the two university cities is one of FMG’s major objectives. Here too, FMG works in close cooperation with the Madison Freiburg Sister City Committee. Both organizations enable young people to spend a year at a foreign school or university, and provide assistance in locating functional training areas or help the students with their exchange. Leisure time activities for the students, such as cultural events, hikes, and guided tours, are also at the top of FMG’s agenda. 


Because the universities of Freiburg and Madison work closely together regarding the exchange of students, strong ties have developed between the respective faculties of economics. While in Freiburg, the Madison students can take an intensive look at aspects of the economic integration within the European Union (EU). Likewise, their German counterparts in Madison will study particular features of the American economy. 


Additionally, FMG offers all citizens of Freiburg the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of American literature, economy, politics, and customs, e.g., Halloween, Thanksgiving, and to all Americans living in Freiburg and its surroundings to get acquainted with their German neighbors. Such a get-together is organized jointly with the Carl-Schurz-Haus in a convivial atmosphere of a German-American Stammtisch where we discuss matters of mutual interest. This German-American round table is held on the first Wednesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. at the Greiffenegg Schlössle, Schlossbergring 3, D-79098 Freiburg i. Br. 


Guests are always welcome but rather


Join the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft


The yearly membership fee is for:

- Adults  30,- Euro

- Families 40,- Euro

- High-school and university students. apprentices  15.- Euro

- Organizations and Companies 100,- Euro


You may download the application form here.


The colored flyer informs about the goal and the tasks of the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft.



Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft e.V.

Eisenbahnstr.  62


79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

Tel.: 0761-556527-0





Banking facility:

Deutsche Bank Freiburg

 IBAN : DE11 6807 0024 0023 5200 00




The Committee of the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft is composed as follows:

Toni Schlegel (Chairman)

Irmgard Feix (Deputy Chairwoman)

Georg von Savigny (Treasurer)

Ulrich Struve (Secretary)

Dr. Manfred Höfert (Public Relations)

Herbert Schiffels (Committee Member)

Dr. Renate Schulz-Weiling (Committee Member)

Friederike Schulte (Direktor of the Carl-Schurz-Haus Freiburg ex officio)



Here are some important links:


The FMG closely cooperates with Carl-Schurz-Haus/Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut e.V. Some events are jointly organized. Other partners are the Academic Year in Freiburg (AYF) and the City of Freiburg.


The Madison-Freiburg Sister City Committee operates a Website and the MFSCC can be reached via:


Here is the Website of the City of Madison. On the Mayor's Office Webpage Our Sister Cities you will find e-mail addresses of the responsible persons for Madison-Freiburg contacts.


The link to the Website of the City of Freiburg with information on Freiburg's sister cities.


The German School of Madison offers German classes of various levels.


At the  University of Wisconsin, Madison there is a German Club.


There is an active Square Dance Club in Freiburg: The Breisgau~Twirlers


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