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Sister City Partnership Madison - Freiburg




From September 3 to 5, an official delegation of the City of Freiburg headed by Mayor Dr. Dieter Salomon returned the visit Mayor Paul Soglin had made to Freiburg at the beginning of June, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the sister city partnership between our cities. Freiburg's delegation visiting Madison comprised the Mayor for Social Affairs Ulrich von Kirchbach and seven municipal councilors of various parties. Five members of the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft (Freiburg's Sister City Committee, abbreviated FMG) traveled to Madison too. They were invited to participate in a program that the City of Madison and the Madison-Freiburg Sister City Committee had generously prepared. The following picture gallery only poorly reflects the hospitality of the people of Madison and the impressive program arranged for us.


First Impressions on Arrival



Mayor Paul Soglin welcomed his visitors at the hotel and took his time taking us for a walk down State Street.  Mayor Dr. Dieter Salomon, his Chief of Staff Helga Mayer, and Municipal Councilor Anke Dallmann on the right as well as the President of the Freiburg Madison Gesellschaft (FMG) Toni Schlegel and Vice-President Frauke Feix, left,  attentively listen to Mayor Soglin's explanations. In the back green energy counselor Ted Petith is watching the scene.


Following the walk in the sunshine, the group had lunch at the food carts down State Street. Toni talks with Mayor Soglin while Mayor Salomon and the ladies dig into their food. Two of those famous food carts are seen in the back.


Photo shooting at Madison's traditional Rathskeller.
Mayor Salomon stands or instead sits for an improved version ofTurnvater Jahn's dictum:
 Mens sana in corpore sano.
I doubt whether in 1928, when the Memorial Building openend, the Rathskeller accepted pfennigs for
 Nuddel Suppe and BaierscheKnödel.



A Visit to the State Capitol and Its Rotunda


In the early afternoon, the group was taken for a guided tour around the impressive State Capitol.



On Our Way to the Common Council Meeting


On our way to the Common Council, Mayors Dieter Salomon and Ulrich von Kirchbach paused briefly to commemorate the partnership between Madison and Freiburg.


The commemoration stone. A greeting to Freiburg.



Attending the Common Council Session


Again St. George's Cross: Madison welcomes Freiburg. People in the photo not yet introduced are
Elizabeth Tyron, University of Wisconsin, left,  and Freiburg's Municipal Councilor Atai Keller, right.


Mayor Soglin is at the rostrum presiding at Madison's Common Council.
He and some councilors are wearing teal-colored t-shirts of the Madison School Board.


The Freiburg Resolution of the Madison City Council:

Here is the German translation:

Mayor Salomon was tempted and acquired the somewhat greenish-looking t-shirt
although he did not wear it ...
... during his speech of thanks following the unanimous adoption of the Freiburg Resolution
by Madison's Common Council.



Sister City Committee Dinner at the Madison Club


At the terrace of the Madison Club: Mayor Salomon in discussion with the former Sheriff of Dane County
 Gary Hamblin while the first ladies enjoy their drinks (©CJ)


President Michael von Schneidemesser addresses the guests at the dinner organized by the Sister City Committee
 with his wife, Luanne, and Mayor Salomon smiling.


The two mayors thank the Sister City Committee and its members for fostering and intensifying
the relations between our two cities.


Following the dinner, the Freiburg delegation is walking home with some "reflections." The State Capitol is illuminated somewhat more brightly than Freiburg's Münster church.



At the Wednesday Farmers' Market



A semi-official photo Among all those exotic American and Asiatic vegetables
the good old German Kohlrabi



At the Children's Museum


Waiting for access while the freshly washed floor in the Children's Museum dried up. To the left is Freiburg's international relations expert Petra Heß, and to the right stands Municipal Councilor Michael Moos. In the back to the left of Toni Schlegel smiles Steve Cover, Head of Madison City Planning.


Admire Madison's Children's Museum with "hanging gardens" on the roof.


We are all outlandish. From left Municipal Councilor Pia Federer,
Mrs. Kramer-Hermanns, and Tatjana.
The Director of Freiburg's
Carl-Schurz-Haus Friederike Schulte and Mike enjoying the "hanging gardens."


Brainstorming, brainwashing, or just relaxing?



At the New Central Library


More than a renovated building. The new Public Library invites the user to a complete communication package, that in times of e-books, still includes "old-fashioned" paper books. Will this work with food permitted in the reading rooms? The building has the fastest WLAN I have ever used. Still, the project's primary goal is not internet use or reading but to establish personal communications between visiting people.


The children's corner. The director explains to his visitors the equipment permitting children to play and learn.



Organ Concert at the Overture Center


This was the most impressive acoustic ever heard.



Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery Reception


Mayor Salomon addressed the crowd jokingly. To the right are three members of the University of Wisconsin:
Professor Charles James,  Elizabeth Tyron, and Professor Jim Steakley.


Familiar faces grouped with Art Shegonee,Wisconsin Menominee and Potowatomi tribes member..
The person to the left next to Art is Freiburg's Municipal Councilor Daniel Sander (©CJ).


Frauke and Mike are posing with Art. On the right is Steve Cover (©CJ).



Official Dinner at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center


Toni Schlegel hands over to Mayor Soglin a gift of the FMG  (©CJ).


   Although it does not start in Madison it winds from Chicago to LA more than two thousand miles all the way.
The Black Forest Badgers nevertheless gave us the kicks on Route 66 (©CJ).



City Planning and Transportation


Steve Cover gave a well-balanced presentation on Madison's city planning and development.


Christopher Gosch enthusiastically explained his
East Washington Ave development project.
Existing buildings will be brought up to the latest energy standards.
A fantastic view when looking downtown from the roof of the salvaged building.



Sector 67 Maker Space


The idea of maker spaces for potential inventors and hopeless tinkerers was born in Germany, as the blue spots on the screen suggest. Mayor Salomon relaxes on a half-ready beer-drinking cart without pedals.


The mix of gas bottles and electricity apparently presents no hazard.
It rinstead stimulates new ventures and adventurers.



The Visit to Madison in Freiburg's Local Press


Mayors Soglin and Salomon walking down State Street

The visit of a Freiburg delegation to Madison was echoed in the local press. A small press notice appeared in the official Amtsblatt with the photo on the left-hand side taken by Petra Heß.
The Stadtkurier published a short press notice and a photo (©SK) showing Mayors Soglin and Salomon in Madison's City Council Chamber smiling following the adoption of the Freiburg Resolution by the deputies.



Pub Crawl

As soon as the official delegation had checked in at the Madison Airport for their flight to New York, the Sister City Committee invited the remaining members of the FMG to a pub crawl. The American beer scene, not hampered by the German Reinheitsgebot, is experimenting a lot and developing new flavors. The first microbrewery we visited was the Ale Asylum.

We were waitingfor the next round of beer.
The lady in red is Carol Heidenway, a long-time backer of Freiburg-Madison relations.


Ted and Red Baron were in good humor.


The colors of the various beers offered at KARBEN4 were terrific and just simply inviting.


Not only Luanne and Charles had a good time.



Boat Tour on Lake Mendota


Luanne and Mike arrived just in time. On the boat: Tatjana surrounded by experienced sailors.


While Eric studies the beer list, I take a photo of  (©KS) ...


... Carol, Eric's daughter-in-law, and Kendall, who already was going strong on a Guinness.


The boat people are back ashore. Thank you all for such a beautiful stay in Madison.





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